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Shenzhen Jiuzhou Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional High-Tech enterprise,specializing in design,R&D,manufacture and marketing of ac/dc power supply.Our main products are power adapters,chargers,switching power supply,industrial power supply etc.We design strictly in accordance with safety standards: EN 61347, EN55015, IEC60950, 60335, 61558, EN60335, 61558, UL1950, 1310, Class2, 1012. All products are been approved by the United States UL, Canada cUL, CSA, Germany TUV/GS, European CE, British BS, Australia SAA, C-Tick, RCM Korea KC, KCC, Japan PSE and ROHS, FCC, LVD, EMC, CEC, MEPS , ERP, CB certification.

We have obtained ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification, the lead-free production is according to EU ROHS environmental standards.Our company have a number of advanced product testing equipment and product testing equipment, such as constant temperature and humidity test chamber device, salt spray testing machine, multiplex temperature tester, full computer power supply comprehensive test system, and full computer security tester, to ensure product development. All processes from design to mass production are subject to strict quality control, preventing unqualified materials from entering the factory and preventing unreasonable products from entering the market.

Our products are widely used in LCD monitor, LCDTV, DVR monitoring, security, electronic refrigerators, electric vehicle charging, small appliances, medical equipment, industrial equipment, LED lighting, audio-visual video, massage beauty, digital communications Products etc. Users throughout North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia and China. With strong development strength, high-quality products and strict production delivery control, our company as become an OEM and ODM partner of many well-known brands.




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