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mobile phone battery maintenance

With the popularity of smart phones, everyone is almost all having one. Improper use of the device not only damages the mobile phone but also be harmful. Here we will share with you about mobile phone battery maintenance.

Misconception about charging

1. When the device is activated for the first time, the battery must be fully discharged, and then fully charged. This need to repeat three times before the battery can be activated. Otherwise, the battery performance is much worse or even obsolete.

In fact, there is no need to do so. If conditions permit, you can do so. Since activation of the battery does not necessarily begin when the device is used for the first time, as long as it is used continuously, electrode passivation can gradually disappear without deliberate activation.


2. Do not use the mobile phone while charging. It is harmful to the battery, and it will also cause excessive radiation damage to the human body.

Whether the use of a mobile phone when charging is harmful to the battery depends on the situation. Generally speaking, using the mobile phone when charging will not cause any damage to the mobile phone; but when you are charging, you are still playing a large-scale 3D game, etc., which may increase the heat, and the battery is most afraid of heat. , may affect the battery life; there must be reminded that the use of cottage charger must be very careful charging, news reported many times due to the cottage charger caused by electrocution. It is recommended to use as few mobile phones as possible when charging. However, one thing is certain: the use of mobile phones when charging will definitely not produce more radiation than the normal use of mobile phones.


3. Lithium batteries can only charge and discharge XXX times during the life cycle, so each time they are used, they should be automatically turned off, and each charge should be fully charged.

The first sentence is correct and the latter is wrong. Each of these times is a complete one. For example, from 20% charge to 30% stop charging, this is only 1/10 times, discharge from 80% to 60%, can only be regarded as 1/5 times.


4. The first three charges must reach 12 hours, otherwise it will affect the battery performance. The

If it is to activate the battery, only need to prompt full of mobile phone is enough, the general mobile phone, will prompt full within 5 hours, if you continue to follow the charger after completion, overshoot over protection circuit will cut off the phone's charging current. After that, the battery is in a non-operational state, and the effect of removing the charging line immediately after being filled is the same. The first three charges must reach 12 hours for Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. The result was written by many manufacturers in the lithium battery user manual habitually and ignorantly. International manufacturers, such as Dell, Lenovo, Asus and apple products, will definitely not appear as "12 hours". Moreover, for lithium batteries, this is a commonality and part of the working principle. It is impossible for some manufacturers to produce 12 hours, and some manufacturers do not need it. It should be noted that if a charger is used, the charging time may exceed 6 hours because most of the chargers do not reach the maximum current of the official charger. However, as long as the charger is fully charged, the charger will automatically shut off the power supply and use the cable. The charge is the same.

5. When it is fully charged, it is best to remove the charging cable immediately to prevent overcharging.

Now mobile phones have overcharged protection circuits. If overcharge occurs, it is mostly due to the damage of the overshoot and over-discharge protection circuit. However, with current electronic product technology and compressive capability, this probability is really low, and there is no need to worry about it.


6. Once the phone starts to prompt the user to charge, it must be charged immediately, or immediately shut down to avoid over-discharge.

The overcharge and overdischarge circuit of the mobile phone will be forcibly turned off when necessary (ie, before the overdischarge) and will not damage the battery. The prompt of the mobile phone is for the user to know in advance, so as to deal with it or prepare psychologically in advance.

It should be noted that if the phone has been automatically shut down, it must not be forcibly turned on in order to make a call, because it is likely to cause over-discharge, and due to the existence of protection, the protection circuit will probably be overshooted before the power is turned on. Forcibly power off.


The correct use of lithium batteries

1. Newly-manufactured battery: no need for any processing, such as activation, can be directly put into normal use.

2. Idle batteries for a short period of time (within three months): No need for any treatment (such as activation), can be put into normal use.

3. Idle battery for a long time (more than three months): It can be activated so that the battery activity reaches the maximum or it can be used to restore the highest activity with normal use.

4. In order to ensure accurate statistics on battery life, electronic product reviewers need to perform activation processing before testing.


The correct charging method for mobile phones

Do not tangle, feel free to charge at any time, and can stop charging at any time, do not have to be scruples. This is an important advantage of lithium batteries - no memory effect. But don't wait until the phone runs out of power. There is a full cycle discharge charge at least once a month, that is, use the battery power to less than 20% and then charge it until it is full, then let it fill for a while. In short, sum up the sentence: With the use of filling, do not wait for light and recharge, once a month charge cycle.


PS: The battery is just a consumable. No matter how you protect it, it will slowly wear out. Charging is also not a trick. In short: just fill it up and use it. Once a month, don't use it to shut down and recharge. Do not charge it with a cottage charger. Do not put your phone in a hot or cold environment. The choice must be careful, whether it is a car charger or travel charger must choose the right power, too large output power or too small will cause irreversible damage to the battery.


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